All You Wanna Know About Broadband And The Internet!

All You Wanna Know About Broadband And The Internet!

Let’s start from the basics; what is broadband?

Broadband is a data transmitter with ample bandwidth that is mainly used for high-speed internet connection.
Back then, dial-up internet was a fast access form of internet. However, later in the 1990s, the term ‘broadband’ was hyped as it gave the speedest internet access than the dial-up internet.

All You Wanna Know About Broadband And The Internet!

What is Internet?

The Internet is a worldwide computer networking system that is interrelated using the Internet Protocol Site (TCP- Transmission Control Protocol / IP- Internet Protocol) to transmit between devices and networks.
In 1849, people used the word ‘Internetted’ to describe ‘interwoven or interconnected.’

What is the difference between ‘Broadband’ and ‘Internet’?

As technology develops, we come up with different terms to differentiate each term to avoid confusion. Broadband, Internet, Wi-fi are just like the fruits of the same tree but grown on different branches with unique sizes and tastes.


Have you heard of ‘www’ on the internet?
The term www is the abbreviation of ‘World Wide Web’ that says it all about the internet; the Internet is a system of interconnected networks to computers, servers, and different devices. To surf something on the Internet, we visit several web pages usually owned by ventures such as Amazon, Google, etc. The service providers are called hosts, and the practice of providing service is called hosting.
One can use their tools and stuff to host services of their own. However, due to the interrelatedness of many devices, servers, and computers, it’s a bit tough job to handle the internet.


Broadband is the ‘next generation’s Internet’!
Recall how people used the internet back then; it just had a dial-in option where only one can speak at a time.
Broadband is kind of a classification of the Internet. It is a technology with a wide bandwidth where one can enjoy multiple signals at a go. It connects the Internet helpfully and efficiently while using Fibre Optic Connection and Copper Cabling Connection methods.

Are Wi-Fi and Broadband the same?

While Broadband is a wired connection and required specific methods for connecting to the Internet, Wi-Fi is a wireless connection of the same internet that acts mainly like an unseen cable between the router connected to the Internet and phone or TV.
People prefer Wi-Fi nowadays that most commonly uses a router that acts as a sender of the internet. Virgin, Airtel, Vodafone, BT, ACT, etc., are some companies that provide Wi-Fi routers.

Types of Broadband and Internet connections:

Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), Satellite, Broadband over Powerlines, Cable Modern, Fiber and Wireless are the different kinds of Broadbands. However, the selection of broadband depends on where one stays, availability, price, and other factors.

Broadband comes under the internet providers. But, it’d be better if people prefer a fiber-optic Internet connection due to its efficiency, quickness, and reliability.